This past weekend, I learned a lot about mindset. I’ve already known how much of a mental game volleyball is. Even so, my mental toughness came into a greater perspective at my last tournament. I was able to see how positivity can “flip” the momentum of a game. We were playing a pretty tough match. At one point, we were winning by a large gap. Slowly, the gap closed. Instead of becoming frustrated and giving up, or shutting down, my teammates and I kept pushing forward and never stopped swinging. It was fun to see our results. We won two out of our three games, ultimately winning the entire match and moving up to the next bracket. I learned to never let-up and to never stop pushing. On some of my prior teams, if the game was getting close and the team stopped pushing, the momentum of the game immediately spiraled downward. The team went from one swing away from winning to several mental errors and losing. I see, now, that maintaining a positive, winning mindset can be the difference between going to the Junior National Championships and going home. As a result, I've resolved that I will always have the mindset of: "We're winning. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!”